Livelihood Improvement Project

Partner-Anglican Board of Missions-Australia



The Wanzauni Livelihood Improvement Project is implemented by ADS Eastern in partnership with Anglican Board of Mission (ABM), Australia. The project is implemented in Machakos and Makueni Counties and is aimed at increasing rural communities’ resilience to the effects of climate change. To achieve this, a number of interventions addressing issues on Water and sanitation, Agriculture (Crops and Livestock), Capacity building of CBOs, Environmental Conservation and Economic Empowerment are being implemented in Kiangini and Kalawani location, Makueni county and Kyua and Kyawango locations, Machakos County. HIV/AIDS, Child Protection, gender and disability are mainstreamed within the main components of the project. Community members in the project areas have been organized to form Community Based Organizations (CBOs) for ease of operation and to have a structure that will continue coordinating the project activities at the community level upon exit. The CBOs are used as a means to reach out to the larger community members since most of the projects, although coordinated and safeguarded by the CBOs, benefit the whole community members such as Water structures and demonstration of best farming methodologies among other interventions.

In the 2nd phase, The project has already been implemented in two Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Kalawani Progressive CBO (Kalawani location) and MAKAKYA CBO (Kyawango location)

and is currently actively being implemented in Kiangini location in Kathonzweni Ward, Makueni county and Kyua location in Katangi Ward, Machakos County.

completion level

80 %

Kiangini & Kyua livelihood improvement project

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