ADSE has been implementing the Integrated Food Security Project (IFSP) and is in its third and final year and seeks to carry out this evaluation of the same to gauge the success of the project based on the objectives that were earmarked to be achieved.Download the TOR here.

ABM requires that an auditor conduct a detailed audit on all the expense items listed on the financial reports/acquittals to verify, with reasonable assurance, that all expenses were in accordance with their intended purposes. In addition to the receipts and payments statement, ABM also requires that this audit produce a Balance Sheet statement. It is also envisaged that the audit will provide a range of useful information that will help ABM and ADSE improve financial processes into the future.All applications to send to [email protected] Download the TOR Here

ADSE is looking for a consultant to conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) whose objective is to assess the environmental and social impacts that may result from developing the Mbusyani borehole to improve on domestic water access to 381 Households,assess risks and hazards associated with the project activities and provide an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report and propose mitigation measures to any possible adverse environmental Impacts.Download the ToR

ADSE is looking for a consultant to conduct a Market Study whose objective is to plug the Social enterprise development strategy of the ADSE bakery project into up-to-date, relevant and reliable market information that indicates which economic sectors the bread business should focus on in order to achieve market success, profitability and sustainability. Download the ToR Here.