Ruth Ndanu, 34, from Mukuanima Village, Athi Location, Kitui South, Kitui County is a member of the Itethye Utethwe SHG, a group comprised of 27 women with the vision of achieving stable income and food security among the residents in Mukuanima. Ruth has been a casual laborer in neighboring households within the village.

Since when ADSE engaged the Itethye Utethwe SHG life has changed a lot. There used to exist one borehole that had not been equipped and after ADSE interventions with the county government, the borehole was equipped and was fully functional and people could now attend to group trainings as a lot of time was used to fetch water 9KM away. Through the trainings on good agricultural practices, Ruth has been able to harvest 4 bags of maize, 2 bags of cowpeas and 1 bag of pigeon peas which is enough to take sustain her family for 1 year. When ADSE supported the group with a farm pond and trained members on establishment of high value horticultural crops, they acquired a piece of land and put ¼ acre under kales, tomatoes and onions.

From the table banking exercise in the group, Ruth borrowed Ksh. 2100 and started a grocery shop where she could buy produce from the group farm and make profits from the resale. Within a month after her business started her capital grew to Ksh 13,750 and during the share out with the group she got Ksh 3850 and she established another lot of kales. Her capital grew to Ksh. 22,750 with an average profit of Ksh. 450 per day and she invested the money in poultry farming where now she has 27 birds.

In future, Ruth plans to construct a modern poultry house and raise up to 100 chicken, raise 50 goats and also buy a dairy cow and even build a new house from the proceeds of her business. She appreciates the work ADSE is doing in Athi Location, the area is now changing and the people are happy for the new techniques introduced.