Knowledge is Power

After many years of toiling, moving up and down from cereal to plastics business and later hoping to get solace in lucrative contract business. Rose Mbithe Nzive of medium height strong and stout, is from in kauwi ward Kitui Couny. A single mother of 52 years is blessed with a one son  aged 35 years and a proud grandmother of two, finally finds comfort of her childhood passion to practice agriculture,  “discovering my retirement package from taunting  active business ” she says smiling.  Against the norm to many in urban centers, Rose has found means to mint money in the despised agriculture sector at rural areas describing it as backbone to drive economy.

Forth born in a family of five, Rose was privileged to get tertiary education in accounts looking ahead for employment became a dream that would not be realized and ever since she has been trying several business opportunities to no self-satisfaction. With no forth coming contracts Rose started to spend from her savings after retreating to rural life where hot scorching sun was unbearable until Anglican Development Services Eastern came to her rescue among other vulnerable commnity population. Rose unknowing of the massive benefits donated land for Mikuyuni Eath dam which is one of the twelve climate change investment done in Kitui county under the devolved climate financing.

After undergoing intensive training on modern methods on good farming and diversification, she embraces the opportunity and takes full swing to horticulture as well as bee keeping, poultry and dairy with impressive future projections. Rose has found a promising source to mint money within a month registering a gross margin of ksh.200,000 from tomatoes sales only. The five hectare of land is heavily covered by a green lush of onions, kales, tomatoes, water melon. With the support of technical staff Rose has a plan for a Million in three years and this is vivid in her mind; taking every challenge as learning to overcome in future.

Mikuyuni project was done with seed money by DFID-UK through Adaptation Consortium, Christian Aid and Anglican Development Services Eastern, for Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience. The Structures created under the policy are Eleven Ward Climate Change Planning Committees in Makueni and Nineteen Ward Climate Change Planning Committees. These make decisions right from the ward committees on the use of climate change fund for increased ownership and accountability. The CCCF guide climate change operations within the counties and many actors have a reliable structure to mobilize and utilize resources effectively and efficiently.