Samuel Mukonza’s evergreen farm in Mbuvo village, Makueni, looks different from the surrounding sun-baked farms.

The farm hosts a lush green crop of pigeon peas and mango trees heavy with ripening fruits, despite the aridity.

The wonder on Mukonza’s farm revolves around how he has managed to harvest rainwater making his crops thrive in the semi-arid region.

Standing at close to 8ft tall, the towering 66-year-old farmer jokingly tells Seeds of Gold that he ‘takes captive’ of every drop of water that enters his farm.

Apart from a giant underground water tank with a capacity of 330 cubic metres, the farm is dotted with tens of small square pits.

The pits, known as Zai and measuring 2 by 2 meters, and are 150cm deep are halfway filled with crop residue or manure and fertiliser and crops planted inside.Read More

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