The integrated approach in disaster risk reduction in lower eastern was a 6-year project aimed at improving the capacities and livelihoods of the targeted people through an integrated approach that makes them more resilient to the effects of hazards. The project was implemented in Kitui and Makueni counties through Community Based Organizations by the ADS Eastern in partnership with Christian Aid between 2011 and 2017. The project has built environmentally sustainable productive capacities of the targeted communities and beyond by improving their adaptation strategies to climate change and environmental impact mitigation strategies. This was achieved through improving the knowledge and capacity gaps among the community to make them more capable in managing the risks/hazards that affect them. The strengthening of advocacy platforms of the community to influence planning so that their interventions may be addressed and supported. Drought mitigation measures were put in place like Water harvesting through appropriate technologies such as construction of sand dams, water distribution systems so as to increase water accessibility by the community for domestic, livestock and for small scale irrigation for crop production.

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